Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forgetful Teacher

After two weeks of sick leave and heavy work, I am having hard time remembering things. I am all lost and I am really wondering if the temporary amnesia is really temporary.Hahahhahah! My students had to remind me of our classes, and schedules. Perhaps, not having attended my daily classes made my memory all dumb.LOL!

Now, the worse part was, I was all ready to attend my first subject in the morning and went straight to our school lobby. Then, it hit me, I was wearing the wrong uniform! OMG! I was all caught blushing!

I was told I could still go on with the day on the wrong uniform but that would me look silly and dumb.Hahahahhah! So, I opted to go home again although I missed my class and I simply wore something else. Gosh! At this rate, I would rather stay home and just concentrate on writing. Hahahhahah!

Can I blame my old sickness or it just simply my age of 30'ish?waaaaaaaaaaaaah!