Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wanted: Blog Contest Sponsors

As posted in my other blog, my sister, Tammy and I will have our first blog anniversary this April. Our blogging habit has become a career! But, as equally as important to earning through blogs, we have appreciated people who have shown kindness, honesty and total character for their families, friends, and even for their villains and strangers.

We wish to start a contest for anyone who is interested and willing to give this contest a try.

So, I am inviting my generous friends, readers or visitors who are WILLING to sponsor anything: ad space, EC credits, cash or any freebie for the top winners.

The contest will officially start on April 16 until April 30. We decided to make the mechanics simple so everyone can join even the sponsors. Our other friends had pledged their support and we are just very grateful. We however welcome more help. Just give us a comment and we shall be highly delighted. My warmest thank you to you all!