Saturday, May 23, 2009

Calling Mommy Bloggers

I am a mommy - blogger for a year now, and I simply blog about my kid and my family. It is quite difficult to be a parent that I do seek advices from other experienced parents. I want to raise my kid to become healthy, discipline, well-rounded and intelligent. Consequently, I do check ways and means how I can further enhance his skills and make him explore his environment.

So, I am only pretty excited that there is a community for parents through ParentsConnect. They hold several activities and resources for the family like camps, shows, daycare, parties and instructional materials.

My family normally visits Chicago and there are simply great activities, stores and shops, and tour stops that they can check. My nephew will surely love these.

But, the site has launched a Widget Contest and USA residents above 18 years old can join this $1000 contest. Purchases are not required to participate. Simply fill in your information in their contest widget and add their widget on your blog or social network account. The winner will be drawn randomly from the valid entries on November 13, 2009. The winner shall be informed through an email and must respond within ten (10) days. The site and the contest widget shall be verified too.

So, if you do have an account in Blogger, Facebook, MyYearbook, or Wordpress, join now and win the grand prize!