Friday, May 1, 2009

We Need a Lawyer

My sister's husband remarried. In the Philippines, that is simply bigamy and adultery. I have come to know her former husband as young and courteous but when he left General Santos City and moved to Manila to find a job, he simply found another wife. It was really a devastating and maddening news that even my mom who is known to be very considerate and patient really cursed him out. Well, who won't anyway. His remarriage is still a confusion to us since it is not at all legal. This only proves that the family law is not at all enforced consistently. We wish to drag it to court, but my sister simply wanted to shut him off and to have their marriage annulled.

My sister is really looking for a way to make her marriage void. So, she typically asks around as to the legal requirements to make her case possible. We heard there are San Antonio Family-Law-Attorneys who specialize in family law, personal injury, criminal and consumer law, and probate matters, wills and estate planning.

It is easy to locate for them through phone directories or the law association. Perhaps, you have friends who had acquired their services, they can help you get a a competent lawyer. Their lawyers are competent with reasonable rates but if you need much lower attorney's fees or at no cost at all, this law firm also offer free services.

It is important that when we get a lawyer, he must be trusted and dependable. A case may be different from the others for several reasons. Thus, a good lawyer may bring results to your side. Consequently, it is wiser if we get someone who has the specialty that you require. In our case, we really need a family lawyer who can work on annulment.