Friday, May 29, 2009

Cool Medical Care for Us

I simply dread hospitals but there are indeed occasions when I can't simply simply avoid these places. But, what irritates me more is the attitude of some medical staff towards their patients. I normally find some medical attendants as snob and insensitive.

But, I have to understand that medical attendants simply do have a different working environment that makes them irritable and grumpy at times. Perhaps, Scrubs , an online magazine for nurses, can help them.

Scrubs is not a typical clinical nursing site. It is designed and created with style, wits and charm. I am not a nurse or a medical - oriented person, but, when I read this magazine, I was also amazed by the site's distinct personality. It covers not only health and career concerns but also fashion and beauty tips. Grumpy and stressed nurses will highly benefit from this site.

I quite love the MD / RN section where a medical doctor and a nurse collaboratively give tips on how to secure and handle patient's information. I can't imagine if my own medical records are simply for public review like the case of celebrity Farrah Fawcett whose records were exposed by a hospital administrator for big cash. That felon simply was axed from work and from his medical license.

The site is a helpful avenue for all nurses and other interested readers. I definitely learned my rights as a patient and knew what to expect from the hospital and its medical staff.