Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Want My Own Car

In my previous post, I had written that I am learning how to drive a motorcycle. I have to fully overcome my fear of driving since I have to master this before I can drive any vehicle, particularly, our family van.

It is rainy season in the Philippines and since I go to school every day for work and for my masteral schooling, I really must learn how to drive and how to get my own personal car. But at this time of economic recession, having a car can be most difficult.

I heard that there are Car Title Loans who come cheaper and easier to get. Surely, there can be Pink Slip Loans to somehow address my car needs or I can go for Collateral Loans so it would be more secured on the part of the lending company.

There is this lending company who approves loan applications even if you have bad credit history or denied credit applications elsewhere or if you are bankrupt or if you have tax liens. You can get your money in a flash. It is quite convenient for anyone who needs a vehicle like me.

Since we have a store, it will be more convenient to me to just drive my own car whenever I want it while I bring in stocks from our suppliers. It will be more convenient also if I can just travel from school to our store at any time.

If I have my own car, I can teach my other siblings to drive too. With that, we can take turns in buying the store's stocks. Consequently, our travel expenses will be cheaper than to take the bus travels.