Friday, May 8, 2009

My Birthday is Coming

My birthday wishes: AMI's summer dress and wedge sandals
I found a beautiful summer dress and a good pair of sandals from AMI Club Wear and I had asked my family in Wisconsin, USA to get me these as my birthday gifts. I told them to check more the site since AMI has a wide collection of shoes, bags, costumes, cosmetics and accessories that we can purchase for our fashion store. Surely, my clients will love the hottest trends from AMI Club Wear.

The site is pretty cool and interesting since it offers lower prices, friendly customer service, exchange and security policies, fast shipping and quality products. It also has promotions like free shipping within USA for purchases over $50.

My mom and siblings simply visit different stores in Chicago and Wisconsin just to get best buys for our boutique here in the Philippines. Surely, they will appreciate the stuffs of AMI since some fashion trends of celebrities like Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are on the shelves of AMI.

The site offers only the hottest and newest trends since the site’s employees visit fashion designers for their latest works. Consequently, only the best is sold in AMI Club Wear.

I cannot wait for my family to send us their online purchases.