Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Simply Read and Got Disappointed

I love reading and whenever I have an idle time, I devour my hours with all sorts of articles. I love to read interesting blog posts too. But, I was totally disillusioned when I read a long article on words of freedom and sovereignty. I thought the long article was about distinguishing the two words and how are these concepts applied in reality. But, I was dragged to a more confusing illustration, worsened by incorrect grammar.

I am no master of the English language but I do expect that articles submitted for articles archives could at least be edited to at least contain the grammatical errors and and convey the basic message. I think the writer was restrained by his nationality.

But to have a website where any writer can submit interesting articles to categories of personal interest can be pretty interesting. I would personally write about education and politics in the Philippines and how are these different from the other side of the world. That can actually fuel my brain and fingers to scribble the words and get my message relayed.

So, with due respect to the author, I wish he was more considerate of his readers, to make the reading time spent on his article more worthwhile. I may be pretty wrong with my judgment but this is just an honest opinion. I could however read other more interesting articles from the that are suitable to my shallow inclination.