Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunny and Rainy Days for Us!

The effect of global warming is really beating on us, not just here in the Philippines but also in other side of the globe. It is summer season here but we are getting extreme heat in the morning while pouring rain in the late afternoon and evening. My allergy can only worsen more.

But, since June is coming, we are also expecting more rain. This only means difficult days to travel to and fro school and house. We hope to get our family van from Zamboanga to Gen Santos City. With that, we won't have to worry with getting wet.

I also remember that the old house in Zamboanga has a leaky garage roof. The rain actually has spoiled the ceiling and the rest of the wood is not really good to the appraising eyes. We can only blame the ones who made the house.

It is really different when you hire a competent San Jose Roofing contractor to ensure your house from natural elements of sun and rain. Any carpenter can pretty sure make the roofs but only the professional ones can do better. You can easily find them through your friends or family's referrals. You too can search them from the net or yellow pages. It is important that the roofers have previous satisfactory jobs. You can not just entrust your roof to unskilled ones.

You can accept bids of three to four possible contractors. With these bids, you can compare the price, time and the materials involved. Remember though, that lowest price does not always guarantee quality service.