Monday, May 11, 2009

I Like Tattoos

I see tattoos as another medium to express one's ideas and emotion. I have seen known actors and actresses like David Beckham, the famous British soccer who has nine body tattoos and Angelina Jolie who has more than five tattoos to boost. For them, their body tattoos hold special meaning and message for their loved ones among other things.

I did try henna tattoo since I appreciate the glamor and creativity of body tattoos. I only want henna tattoo because I want to replace old tattoos with more creative and artistic ones. That way, I can simply switch between being cool and feminine.

But, there are a number of people who would also favor tattoos, temporary or otherwise that there is a Tattoo Chat Room for them. I did sign in just to see how the chat room is and the site is simply easy to use and navigate. The site can protect your private information and you can actually be protected from nuisance or unwanted chatters. It was indeed a pretty cool chat room that I recommended this to my other friends who also like tattoos or at least, has the interest for tattoos.

In finding a romantic partner, or simply a friend, it is important that you share the same inclination to click otherwise, it can simply be wild goose chase.