Sunday, June 14, 2009

Entries: Blog Slogan Contest

We would like to say thank you to all the bloggers who participated in our Blog Slogan Contest. As of today, we already received 11 entries. Below are the entries submitted!


Before I get to know blogging, I was living a boring life as a student. There was nothing much to do but go to school, come home to finish school works, watch tv and mess with my computer games. Since I started blogging, I wake up early to check my shoutbox and think of something to write about. I started making more friends online. Just by the thought of making a post, sharing what I can share and visiting my friends' blogs make me smile. Blogging definitely can end my day with a smile on my lips. Happy blogging everyone!
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I heard about blogging about three years ago but just joined the "venture" about 5 months ago. Knowing about it through my friends truly interests me but being a part of the blogging world is different. I can say, it changed me-my point of view in some areas of politics, lifestyles and cultures, it makes me more open-minded to the new trend of this hi-tech generation, boosts my self-confidence in writing and expressing myself and makes me more cautious and wiser in managing my time for Him, for my family, my teaching career and squeezing blogging into my hectic schedules...he..he..It's not easy but I enjoy every minute I spend on expressing myself and spreading the goodness of our Creator. On the other side of the coin, there can also be a negative change- being addicted to blogging!...LOL! It almost caught me last summer but thanks goodness that it was easily resolved before our class starts last May.
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Blogging truly helps in spreading knowledge. The new gadgets, fashion, discoveries, events , and new technology from other side of the world will be made known globally through blogging. The expertise, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education, the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject, facts and information or awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation of one person will be transmitted to others and may help expand ones thoughts and perception in life. The person's confident understanding of a subject with the ability to use it for a specific purpose if appropriate is also being shared to others through blogging. What else do you think on why blogging gives wings to knowledge?
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As a blogger, you are as well contributing information to the World Wide Web whether it is about yourself or anything that interest you in a way of writing it in a blog site. It is like voicing out everything you have in mind and heart or giving helpful information to the thousands and billions of readers online in a form of writing having yourself as your own editor. Your readers are therefore your listeners. You are then heard by many all over the World Wide Web.
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Journey of blogging with creative mind. When comes to blogging, I always need to think of what to write and what to say. There is an easy way by note down what you have in mind on the paper or draft.
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I chose this slogan because for me all the written ideas, experiences, opinions and stories in blogging is a deep sharing of one's self/life to unknown readers whom the writer believes can be blessed ...because the writer cares for them.
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This contest is based on unique slogan. My entry slogan will be Live. Laugh. Love. I think if you are going to start blogging you got to be live, laugh and love what you do! No kidding.
I know in life we always have to go through many path but we are never alone. Everyone has got to go through it. My sister has moved out of her place and she decided to live the rest of her life with things she loves to do. I am just like her doing what I love to do now right now, that is blogging and taking part in contest.
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This contest made me think about why I started Blogging in the first place. The last contest that really got me thinking was that of Lainy's.
This is my first entry to this wonderful contest.
I did the slogan in Taglish. Tagalog and English - to say I'm proud that I'm a Filipino and I'm a blogger. I'm not sure if it's unique though.
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Why my slogan is blog about life? From the banner, you can see television, plant, people, clock, present, gear, music note and cat. (Left to Right).

What are you doing in your leisure time? Planting? Listen to music? Or you are you watching some awesome TV show in television and want others to know how amusing the TV show is? Are you interested in tech gear?

Why don't you share your experience, though or problem by blogging?

For me personally, whatever your blogging is related to life. Life to effect other people or life to effect yourself so that you can improve yourself to become a better person.
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My morning always starts with chatting to Terry online and while doing that I multitask, it either, I am writing an entry to my blog plus blog hopping, dropping entrecard, browsing and sometimes watching TV, cooking, bathing Faith and etc. Can you imagine that, doing those things in one time? Well, I can do that maybe because I am used to it and I get bored if I only browse one site and doing nothing. So blogging while doing some other stuff is my usual normal thing. So if you have my YM and you received a message from me that is so unusual, don't get me wrong I am just blogging and multitasking.
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My slogan is "Blogging unchained thoughts." Blogging indeed unchained my thoughts. With blogging, I am able to unlock my mind and set my thoughts free. I am able to speak and yell my thoughts out not only to myself but to the thousands and billions of bloggers or readers all over the world. I am certain that blogging have unchained the thoughts of those thousands and billions of bloggers too, not only me.
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