Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Am No Nurse But I Like This!

It is quite rewarding if one works as a nurse. The job pays a good salary but it requires a tremendous amount of physical and mental energy. I have my in-laws who work as medical staff and they truly find their job fulfilling but draining.

Normally, I find nurses and other medical employees as plain and grumpy. I cannot blame them since they have to hurdle through huge hours of shifts, visits and calls. Indeed, there is no easy job for a well-earned pay.

It is nice to know that there is Scrubs, an online magazine for nurses and medical-oriented people. This is not just a typical clinical site that is filled with medical jargon but an interesting portal of lifestyle, beauty tips and career advices for nurses and interested readers.

Typical duty uniform of nurses is simply a pair of scrubs but they can exude charm and beauty in spite of the wardrobe constraints. Nurses must also appear presentable and well-groomed otherwise they will distress more their patients and clientele. So, for this summer season, nurses or not can adopt some summer fashion tips from Scrubs. Further, make – up and healthy body regimen can be employed to maintain and rejuvenate a fresh – looking appearance.

I practically find these interesting tips from Scrubs to wake up younger. These tips simply apply to everyone.

1. Get clean.
2. Moisturize.
3. Sleep right.
4. Be kissable.
5. Tame stray hairs.

The site contains interesting and appealing topics that can tickle anyone! Check it out and see for yourself.