Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your Next Nature Oversized Painting!

When my sister and I opened the boutique, we wanted to make sure that it will be appealing to the customers' eyes. We are thinking of adding some personal touch like paintings and pictures. Four Seasons Painting came into my mind first but we can't find one!

I decided to browse for Japanese inspired paintings, Nature theme paintings and oversized paintings. My eyes lay on the same paintings and it belongs to Ford Smith Art . I made my research and I have learned that his arts were influenced by his childhood experiences growing up in Japan. He is a son of American Air Force serviceman developed an appreciation of the Asian aesthetic under the nurturing eye of an elderly Japanese painter.

He finished his degree at the University of Mississippi with a BFA in painting. After he graduated, he moved on to Atlanta, Georgia where he realized a natural talent for photography. Late 70's and 80's he established his reputation as Atlanta's premier fashion and commercial photographer.

It was in the late 90's when he finally decided to go back in painting. He believes that his return to painting deserved a 100% dedication; he sold his photography business and never took another professional photograph. He traveled the world and seeks his inspiration. After exploring different painting styles and themes, he found tremendous fulfillment creating contemporary landscapes conjured from the stunning horizons witnessed during his travels.

Ford Smith truly has amazing hands because he never paints from a photograph. He enjoys the freedom and creative abandon to see where an impulse might lead. You should check out his works online or you can visit his art gallery in Los Angeles.