Friday, June 5, 2009

I am in Love with Korean Soap Operas

The Boys Over Flowers Cast
photo source: ABS CBN

Call me corny or tacky but I simply have a simple heart for Korean and Taiwanese manga. hahhahahah! I originally find any sort of soap opera as cheap but gosh, when I viewed my first through F4's Meteor Garden, I started drooling over the cast and their cute story. Then, the rest is history.hahhahahaha!

If I have to list the ones I have viewed and liked, they are as follows:

1. Full Glass
2. Kim San Soon
3. Meteor Garden 1 and 2
4. Lovers
5. Lovers in Paris
6. Wine Vine
7. Love in the Corner
8. Hot Shots
9. Princess Hours
11. The Hospital
12. Coffee Prince
13. I Love Teacher Sea Biscuit
14. Sangoo
15. and counting

What made these manga tick for me, I love the twist, the fun and the not-so-corny punch lines, plus the boys are just so CUTE! hahhahahhaha! I can even laugh and cry with the cast. Forgive my shallow tears. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I am in the middle of my Boys over Flowers CD that I normally end up sleeping in the wee morning just to finish 2-3 episodes before classes start on Monday. tsk tsk tsk

No wonder a number of Filipinos are hooked to Korean and Taiwanese soap operas. They consume us with their crazy but romantic stories. hahahhaahh!