Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Very Cool New Layout

I first started my blogging passion through this blog and since I barely had an idea to what should be done to have a productive blog, I settled for pre-made template and plain blogging skill.

My other blogs, Limitless Adventure, Wacky Knit Kin and Teacher Techie Says, were redesigned to have that personalized look. Two of which were generously given by my sister Tammy's friends.

I had been wanting to design the layout of this blog but I simply had no time. So, I am forever grateful to Femikey who lovingly designed this blog for free! I quite love the color combination and images used! I did wonder how she guessed my taste. hehehehehhe!

So, if you want to have that beautiful blog makeover, do check Femikey and her works.

To Femikey, thank you sis! Ganahan kaayo ko sa design! mwa!