Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Want Presentable Men

As a lady, I personally want my stuffs to be neat, clean, pleasing and presentable. This is pretty true also about the boys in my life. Don't get me wrong but I only have my son and my husband to boost.

We were taught that we have to look beyond physical appearance in judging a person however, it has to be noted that impressions really last. So, if we see our men with acne or zit and they are scheduled for a meeting or a presentation, we also become pretty uneasy about it.

We do not want to have any blemish like moles, rough spots, acne, scars or freckles. We find ways to hide them. I do not see this as vanity but rather, a self - preservation. We feel good only if we look good.


This is quite true among men too. Experts say that men are as conscious as women in terms of physical appearance. Some men even put on mens cosmetics to look better. Men who put on mens makeup should not be mistaken as gays. They simply want to appear presentable by covering the blemishes they have just like women do.

However, some cosmetic stores are too discriminating since they sell only beauty products for women. It is truly nice to know that there is an exclusive cosmetic site for men. The site promises satisfaction otherwise it can guarantee a return policy.

So, for all the men who are scheduled to have a meeting, a date or a presentation but they are worried with their physical imperfections, this site is definitely for you!