Friday, June 26, 2009

My Family Needs An Auto Body Shop!

I just learned how to drive but still scared of vehicular accident. So, every time I'm on the road, I tried to be more careful. However, vehicular accidents may occur even to those who drive safely. Another family member was recently hit while he was in his stationary car by another vehicle. He suffered tremendous muscle sores and the car was badly wrecked.

His car has stopped because it was a red light but another car has just hit his car and his car accidentally hit someone else car. It was not really a major collision but it causes big damage on his car. No matter how big or small the damage was, he will need a Houston Auto Body shop to handle the repairs for him.

The incident was reported and there were people willing to testify that it was not his fault but on the other hand, he needs to file a claim with his insurance company. The damage was serious and he can’t afford to handle the expenses by himself. According to him, the insurance company tries to convince him to use a specific auto body shop. Good thing was he has the right to choose the shop he wants to use. So it’s ok for him to bring his vehicle to Houston auto body shop. He feels confident that he can trust Houston auto body shop for professional repairs, they will give a quality service and they really work to establish trust with their client.

I don't know if he still wants to drive after the accident but I hope he will!