Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Simply Love the Net

I only get hooked to internet for a year now. I had not actually realized its importance earlier although I had been a computer college instructor for over a decade.

But personal circumstances forced me to try internet and all its wonders and lapses. Then, I began my blogging passion, hooked with online buddies, searched the net for all the resources I need. There are simply a number of free web directory that anyone can check wherever he is and regardless of what he needs.

Since I am holding an administrative job, I shall be using more the resources from internet. Since my job is business-oriented, articles on management, marketing and organizational development among other important issues must be thoroughly handled. I do check a list of web directories like business web directory to help me draft my business proposals and plans.

And since I only search through search engines like Google or Yahoo , it is easier for me to track resources. Somehow, web directories from Yahoo and Business do help me and other online readers and lookers.

We simply have to validate the data that we get from the net that it is important to counter check the right website address and if the authors are credible enough. There are instances when anyone can just write about anything. Thus, we have to verify these facts before we can use them as reference to whatever we are writing. Hard copy of books still does complement online resources.

It is just nice to know that related articles are grouped under similar categories for easy online searches. But, I still do need sites that can accurately match my queries. Sometimes, when I search for something, only certain keywords are met and the rest are left unconsidered.

With Internet, it seems like I am just in very wide worldwide library where anything that interests me can be at my very reach. Today, distance and technology barriers become all vain because of net.