Friday, June 5, 2009

I Need a Blog Web-hosted Domain

My first blogging experience was through this blog. I did not any clear idea as to how blog works and how I could actually earn from it. But, through reading other blogs and their authors' tips and experiences, I hurdled through blog hoppings, Google Page Ranks and paid reviews.

For a blog to really earn, it has to have its sensible content that readers may be enticed to come back and read more. But, blogging is a two-way street that back links and other blog hops are also established to increase more the blog traffic.

We make use of different websites for personal and business reasons. Normally, if the purpose is for personal use, we maximize free websites like Friendster, Jango, Google among the many free sites in the internet.

But, if websites are used for commercial applications, then it is wiser and more practical to get a customized website with efficient web hosting platform. Commercial websites do require bigger storage space and faster access since the latter may affect the potential transaction of a potential client or loyal customers. It is for this reason that some companies do acquire dedicated server for greater results.

On the other hand, for blogs to have an increase worth among advertisers, they MUST have their own web-hosted domains. I have four blogs that are used for commercial purposes, three of which are all web-hosted, but I have to get this very blog its own hosting too.

So, how should we select the right web host? I personally evaluate my choice according to the criteria below:

1. features
2. access or connectivity
3. control
4. technical support
5. price
6. reviews

Some of these criteria are also recognized by web hosting geeks. There are a lot of web hosting companies. Thus, it is only more convenient if there is a site like that accounts the performance of web hosting companies.

We can also be eco-friendly by selecting green hosting instead. Green hosting means that companies are eco-friendly by practicing recycle or natural energy. These efforts are pretty cool to support with. So, if you want a web host but want to be environment-friendly, go for green hosting!