Saturday, October 25, 2008

2MBS: Ang Kanindot na Istorya-Part 1!

I had the chance to join the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit here in GenSan through the kind reminder of Lainy. I was part of the volunteer group of the Soksargen bloggers. Through this, I happened to meet great people in real life: Maam Vilma, Psyche, Vyne (our youngest blogger in the group,she is only14 years old) and Lainy. Two days prior to the big day, I had the chance to meet the bariles man, Sir Avel and Maam Myla of the City Mayor's Office. My days were already packed with schooling and business but I gave my time to help out because I was pretty excited of the summit. So, even my partner, Jhonel tagged along with me and helped in the preparation and in the picture taking .

We stayed late with the group preparing all the kits. My hand was all sore, cutting the tape for the posters and sorting the ads and freebies for the kits. But, then we were all brought by Sir Avel to Grab a Crab Resto, and WOOOOW! KALAMI! I had the prime time of eating delicious sea food. I couldn't resist the aroma, preparation and taste of their meals. We just love the place and I was told that their meals are very affordable in spite of its elegant ambiance. Feeling ko, ang yaman ko tuloy in that place. Hehehehhe! Of course in between works, we had the chance to pose with other fellow bloggers from Davao City, and Marbel. Feeling ko rin VIP ako. Hahahahah! We then exchanged how to increase traffic and popularity to our blogs. The story still continues. . . .