Thursday, October 23, 2008

Learning How to Drive

I am quite scared of driving especially on busy roads. I knew how to ride a bike some decades ago but I never had the courage to try riding it on busy road, much more on a public highway. Geez! It really gives me a creep.

But when I was given a mountain bike, I gathered all my fears and tried it on national highway. I waggled a lot on my seat but then I just get used to driving it. Hurraaay!

I am however, trying to learn how to ride a motorcycle. So, right after we close our store, I swap seat with my partner, and I steer the vehicle. I just get jumpy when I am on a crossroad already and incoming vehicles are on my lane. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Good thing, my teacher, is just prompt on taking the steer. Perhaps, with practice, I can master all these and conquer the road, then I can have my own motorcycle, then I shall next drive our van. Yepey!!!!