Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Boutique is Now Open! Hurray!

At 1 am dawn of Oct 8, our Opening Day! Beauty pa rin ba?

Some of the stocks all set for the opening day!

I was absent for two days so I could help out in the preparation of our boutique today. We even went home past 1 am earlier just to set things well for the soft opening. My mother was even more excited as she waked me only after 3 hours of sleep. Feeling all worried and excited too, I just checked my mails and visited few blog sites briefly and hit the road to tell my students that I would not be around. At around 9 am, we had our first sales amounting to 300+ from the sandals and little stuffs. I couldn't really contain my joy. Though, in the afternoon, I had to attend to my classes, the rest of the family manned the store. At around 6 pm, we just earned our first day sales of 813.00. If our store can earn at least 1000.00 each day, we shall be doing better then.

Good luck to us!