Friday, October 10, 2008

Reasonable Eyeglasses Await You!

I have a vision problem as I can't see if farther than 10 meters. When I had problem checked, I was told that my lifestyle and my profession as a teacher all contributed to the problem. So, I have corrective glasses since high school.

But, I have been wanting too to have corrective glasses but fashionable ones to sport while I wear and match my clothes and accessories. I guess these eyeglasses are not at available at reasonable prices. So, I am just glad to find out about Zenni Optical. They offer pretty, fashion and quality glasses at cheaper prices. They offer inexpensive prices because they manufacture their own frames and deliver to their direct customers with low or no advertising cost at all. Their customers can actually vouch for these quality frames. All their basic prescription glasses start at $8.00, full UV protection, anti-scratch coating, thin and light 1.57 index lens, lens edge polishing and beveling and with full guarantee. And even if you are anywhere in the world, you can order your glasses and that of your friends and family at only $4.95 shipping charge regardless of how many glasses you have in your order.

I prefer to have this frame from Zenni Optical. This shall look great on my feminine tops and skinny jeans. People around me will indeed notice this eyeglass. Why don't you check out their site at Zenni Optical.