Sunday, October 26, 2008

2MBS: Ang Kanindot na Istorya-Part 2

Winners of the Domain Hosting Raffle and I am One of Them. Yepey!

With Aileen Apollo of Google Team.

Bloggers from Davao for the Fellowship Dinner

The Erotic Presentation of Teatro Ambahanon of RMMC

On Oct. 25, Jhonel and I left early for the MBS in Family Country Hotel. The weather then was however gloomy though we were short with sleep because of the voluntary works we did for the summit, I was quite excited of the possible things that can happen on the day.

Around 7 am, only the speaker and Sir Avel and Elaine were around, so we did the rest of the preparations. Around 9 am, the bloggers from the rest of Mindanao poured in and we couldn't help but pose with other bloggers as we gave out their registration kits.

I have to say the venue was all packed with around 150 guests and bloggers came together for the convention. I am all-ears too as I listen for tips from the speakers and other bloggers. I got to ask my own question too on Page Rank. Hehehehheheh! Pirting Kulba! Hahahahha! As they spoke, I then outlined what I should do with my blogs and how I can further monetize them.

But, the other significant info from the summit was the call for responsive blogging for and about Mindanao. I am quite pessimistic of our Phil. government that I also blog negative stuffs only about our country. I guess, bloggers must also uphold that proactive and reactive approach to what we should communicate especially about Mindanao. With this in mind, I had my perception reshaken.

The rest day was a glory of freebies, food and endless utters among us. Hahahhaha! I even won 1 year domain hosting from HURRAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I just have to start another blog on parenting to specifically categorize my writings and invite more interests.

The night concluded with Sashimi cocktails with our GenSan's best, TUNA!!!! I have to say our guests simply keep on coming back to the Sashimi table for a refill. Hehehheheh!

We also enjoyed the erotic and expressive dance performance of RMMC, my employer-school with 1 student of mine in the show. The performance was so great that it stirred hot flushes on my cheeks.Mahirap talaga pag conservative. Ay mali!!!! Hahahahaha!

I congratulate the organizers, bloggers, sponsors for they made my first MBS attendance something to remember and be proud of for the rest of my blogging days. Cheers!!!!