Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brain-Breaking Masteral Exam: Waaaaaaaaah!

Since the semester has ended, our professor for Advance data structures had asked us to wait for our bring home exams through email. Gosh, I only received the email yesterday afternoon and the deadline will be tomorrow at 1 pm in NDMU, Marbel. I forwarded the exam to my friends and had asked for a group study to answer about 10 problems and 24 more essay and objective questions. Even if I stayed almost 1 am in the morning last night, I couldnt ask my old brain to comprehend all the technical stuffs of the books.Sob! Sob! Sob!

This is indeed what I hate in schooling, the exam that pressures my small brain to do miracles.Hahhahahahha! Oh my! I am done only with 1/4 of the questions and with 30% accuracy rate. My classmate even offered to buy my answers. Goodness!

I have to say, schooling now is better for younger ones! Their brains are more flexible and alert. For an old lady like me, I keep on experiencing dementia. Yikes!!!!!!

Any brain-teasing tips?