Thursday, October 2, 2008

Afraid to Shop Online?

My family are into online shopping not only that we can search for unusual and extraordinary things we don't usually find in big stores, we also search for reasonable prices. So, we look for websites that sell great stuffs, offer warranties, and provide security on our cards and other payment tools.

Do you also experience fear in purchasing and selling online? We are usually afraid if the online sites we are checking are legitimate to sell, or if it can protect our credit card information and other personal information, of if they sell products with quality they advertise. I had my IPOD purchased online by my sister in-law and when it was delivered, the unit wont function at all. To our dismay, we could not even return it. Thus, we are more careful this time in shopping online.


Good thing, there is a buySAFE shopping advisor where you can check only online stores with good and legitimate ratings. With these, you wont worry at all if the sites are legitimate or not. More importantly, for each shopping transaction you make online, you are guaranteed with a bond up to $25,000.00 and a 30-day ID theft identification.

Now, are you ready for a more news? This buySAFE shopping advisor is completely free to use and with full protection on your shopping. Isn't that great? All you have to do is login to their site free and with that you can manage your account and do your transactions with no risks at all everytime you use Shopping Advisor and its Bonded Shopping Portal!

Wow! This site is really a great tool for our online shopping. I cant wait to tell this to my friends and my family. Why don't you check it out yourself, download the application for FREE and spread the good news? I just did!