Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are You Popular? Then Be Counted in Lainy's Big Day

In the 2nd MBS, I personally met the sweet and friendly woman behind Scotty's Princess, Elaine and she generously shared her success tips in blogging so it be monetized. In the process, she invited me too in her birthday blog contest. So, I am just honored and grateful that friendship can also be formed in blogosphere.

Lainy, here is my wish for you. May the good Lord shower you with more opps, heheheehheh, and more opps!

Here are some of her banner and sponsors that are worth seeing.

The Designer Chic | AZ Blogging | My Blog Says || Your Partner Online | Twerlermz BLog | Happy Family | My Kawaii Life | Reveiling Oneself... Expressing the Real Me | Twinkletoe Writing Space | Everyday Life | My So Called Life | In The Eyes of the Beholder | A Woman Under God's Grace | Random Ramblings | Briggs Time for Escapades

Her other blogs:

Our Journey To Forever | Lainy's Musings | Kuerdas | The Certified Fashionable Chic