Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too Early for the Next Day

For 5 consecutive days, I have been sleeping early morning already. I have been dropping EC's for my second blog and just lately have been answering my exam in my masteral in IT. Goodness, we went home early 1 am today after completing all my 34- question exam. My classmates and I had to stay in a nook place of Dunkin Donuts to complete everything. I had to write for my other classmate as she didn't feel well. You can say, my arm is all sore for the enduring write-ups. But, now that I am done with 2 subjects, I can concentrate on the remaining project in my masteral and then, teaching next week, and then business everyday, and then blogging. . . . waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! These are all endless!

What a busy lady.