Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Family Dog on Fashion Ramp

Our pride, Gia in her Second Dog Fashion Show!

Gia Sporting an Airsoft Vest! Yuri just couldn't stop petting her.
Fellow Airsofters with their dogs.

We had our first family dog, Pixel, a pure dalmatian, when we got married. I wasn't pregnant yet so, we decided to buy the 1- month-old dog to keep us company. But when we moved to our new home and when she was 2 years old already, we just found her dead on Christmas Day. That broke my heart, as she became a family too to us.

So, to join us, we had Gia, a German SHepherd. She was quite big when we bought her but as we lived through our usual days, we forgot to take care of her well. SHe was all forsaken, and injured like what I was when we were still staying in Zamboanga. So, when I decided to move to Gensan to heal, I brought Gia to her vet for long-term treatment and recovery. I guess we shared the same illness and pains.

But, after months of healing, I was surprised to see her on her second fashion show, all well-groomed, once-a-mother, and taken cared of. I saw that we both had grown from our injuries.