Monday, October 6, 2008

Fellow Bloggers: You Need to Read This on Social Spark Segmentation

Most of us blog because of the paid opportunities and I am always hopeful to get a number. For this reason, I want to increase my blog traffic. I have been writing for Social Spark and just glad that they gave me this one opportunity and when I was about to submit, I was told, I don't have a qualified blog. This reminded me of Scotty's Princess' very problem. So, I right away asked her help. To my dismay, she replied, "That is how SS works." The review and time were all wasted. Then, SS Team gave me this reply on my inquiry.


Hi Rosilie,

Thanks for reaching out to us. It looks like this is an issue with the way the Opp. is segmented. Basically what has happened is that while you met the segmentation requirements of the Opp. when the Opp. was initially reserved, you were right on the edge of being eligible.

By the time that you were ready to submit your post, enough blogs that more closely met the requirements had been added to the system so that your blog was no longer eligible and therefore not able to submit your post.

Please remember that the system checks that you meet all the requirements when you add yourself to queue for a reservation, but the queue does NOT check whether or not you are still eligible or if you can still post for the day when it sends out reservations. It only "knows" that there is a slot open and you are next in line.

This issue has been logged into the Dev work queue to see if there is some way to lessen the impact this might have. However, it will likely smooth itself out as the network grows larger.

All the Best,


Opportunities are indeed for the most popular only.