Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aging but Enjoying

I am more than 30's already.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I love my age anyway but I somehow envy the young ones who seem to enjoy their age and their enthusiasm for life. I never really enjoyed my younger life. So basically that is the reason why I want to do a lot in spite of my age. Late bloomer indeed! Hahahahhaha!

I am into mountain climbing, outdoor sports to include war games, business and parties.Hahahahahha! I can say it is never too late to have fun with friends and family. Unlike years ago, I treat my teaching career as only a secondary passion. I feel more alive when I design accessories and think of ways how the store can do better in spite of economic crisis.

I am enjoying my time too with my kid. He is one of the many areas in my life who lack attention. I am decided already to stop schooling this summer so I can recharge for the next semester. Hehehehe!

Probably, after this rest, I may not continue my masteral schooling anymore and just travel abroad. WOW!!!! Some wishful thinking, huh!