Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hardened Life in the Philippines

Before 2008 ended, I had been hearing global financial crisis. But, here in the Philippines, that seems to be so natural since we have been crisis since time memorial. Is this comforting enough for the government or even for us, Filipinos?

Now that 2009 has started, we are bombarded with more discouraging and dismal news of job unemployment like from Intel's closure where 20,000 Filipinos are sure to be unemployed. Then, to add some salt to injury, our government is telling us that there are jobs for these unemployed and for the coming graduates. Then, how come, we are considered 5th hungriest nation in the world?

I could only feel sorry for other Filipinos who are jobless and hopeless. Now, we can only hear more aggravating news like more bank and company closures, Ebola virus, pre-need insurance scams, politicians' bickering and extended- but- compromised college education.

It is really devastating. Our store is now struggling with low- to- zero sales. I have to think of ways how we can generate income in spite all these

I wish the politicians and Filipinos will really unite so we can rise up fully from all sorts of crises.