Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scary Pet You Should Love But Keep Secured

Our Gia, wearing an airsoft vest for her fashion show

Having a home in a remote place with neighbors so distant and unattached, we decided to buy our own guard dog. Our first pet was a dalmatian but when she was one year old, on Christmas Day, we found her dead and bloody. She was a very sweet dog and would always welcome people even strangers. This I think is a typical trait of dalmatians. So, when she died, it indeed scared us a lot. You see, we had our neighbors who were robbed on different occasions. Thus, we wanted to be more vigilant.

We decided to buy a more protective guard dog, and we have a German Shepherd, named Gia. We got her when she was three months old. So she could not eat seafood and trash, we leashed her but that made her so aggressive. As she gets older, her bark gets louder and stronger. Our guests would not at all come near her because, she could jump on anyone easily without warning. She is that scary that she had ripped apart and eaten whole the puppies of our native dogs and her very own puppies when she gave birth. Thank God, that until now, no one had dared to trespass our land, and our home!

So, when I saw this contest for pet pictures, I easily uploaded Gia's picture. The site not only allows me to boost my pet but it allows me also to win as much as $500. I created my account in a flash and easily uploaded the picture. I had the chance to see too other funny pet pictures!

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