Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writers Among the Youth

I have been the adviser of our small school paper since I was hired last year. This is my other role, among the many things I am! Hahahhahaha!

It was harder to invite young students to write. It seems that with the present times, writing with better grammar and skill is not anymore natural among college students. We had a very responsible editor-in-chief but we had a very few writers and contributors. I am not an expert in English as I was only appointed to do this job and no one would accept the dirty works! Hahahahahha!

But, in spite of my lack or incompetence, I really had hard time correcting their articles. So to add to my countless works to accomplish, this is my other responsibility. I really love writing, but somehow, I only have very limited time to do all.

We are done with one paper and another one is due before this semester will end. I only wish I can complete everything with ease and quality! Some superwoman, huh!? Hahahhahahah! Whew!

I only hope more and more skilled writers will offshoot in the coming semesters!