Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is Your Barbie Moment?

When my sister and I were kids, we were never really given Barbie dolls instead, we were given robots and other boy stuffs. Seldom that my parents would buy us, or me particularly some good dolls. But my friends in the neighborhood would play with us and their Barbie dolls. I could only envy them. So, I asked my parents to buy us too but with harder life at that time, Barbie dolls seemed only for the well-off. I only cried out loud since I could not have it!

But, when I grew up and started working, my passion for Barbie dolls was unabated. I would always go to the mall and Barbie's section and wonder and praise the beautiful collections of dresses and Barbie doll varieties. I wish to have one and play it with my kid. But since I have a son, I could not at all buy him these. So, I played with my little sister in-law, and dressed up the Barbie dolls she had. It was a great time with her but I still wish to finally have my own Barbie doll for collection!

I could only be happier to see this widget through Social Media Network. You can get your own widget here and view it yourself. I praised the talented girls the CosmoTV featured. The girls can indeed inspire everyone to follow their dreams. I enjoyed watching Amy Poehler and the ladies interviewing the young ones. They indeed enjoyed every minute with them. The show is a great avenue for these youngsters to be exposed and to be inspired to go on with their love for music! For sure, the other youngsters would be inspired to make their talents exposed and harnessed.

Barbie should be complimented too for putting up this show. Their need to showcase these talented and smart girls is a big plus! Barbie inspires not only the young kids but even adults like me! Kids and adults should not be wealthy to chase their dreams! These talented girls are proofs that anything is possible when you just believe in yourself.