Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who Doesn't Need a Printer?

I am an IT person and have been one more than a decade ago. You can say, technology is my life! The family is quite hooked to it too. We have more than three PC's now but with one printer only. My other siblings and the store make use of these units pretty often, that we couldn't do much if our PC is done or worst, if our printer gets nasty again.

But, who doesn't a printer anyway? You may have a number of computers at your disposal, but if you need a hard copy of anything, just exactly, how would you do that.

Picking the right printer make require, of course, a lot of criteria to consider. One can check on the brand that somehow connotes quality. One can also check on the price and the printer's features that somehow meets his or her unique needs.

We had tried a lot of printers. My first ever printer was an HP and indeed, it lasted over the years. Now, there are a lot of HP models, specifically, there is Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4000 that guarantees quality printing. They can be purchased online and be shipped within 24 hours! Now, that is quite fast! But more importantly, they come at more reasonable prices, much cheaper than other online stores.

My partner's first set of printers include a Canon. With more affordable price range, one can make this a suitable alternative. We have been buying online for our gadgets and they sure are at their best quality. The DELL laptop we last bought in 2002 is still working to this date. And the latest purchase we had was our ACER notebook. All these were just shipped to our doorstep. But, we sure need an additional printer to station at home. We would surely consider this site for our next buying. We will recommend this too to our family abroad so they will buy from this great website in the near future. It will surely mean savings from the price differences these great printers cost. This is a German website, but I made use of a website translator to help me go through their products and I just love their cost-busting product lines!