Monday, January 19, 2009

Quality Footwear for Everyone

My family is hardworking and always on the go. So, clothing convenience really matters a lot to us. We run this family furniture for over 15 years, and our carpenters and other employees do come and go. Even my father who had retired from the Navy has been doing carpentry works for the business and now that we run our own store, we want to always be flexible and comfortable.

My sister and I are shoe persons. We indeed have more than a dozen pairs of shoes, from rugged to lady shoes. The men in the family, including my kids have their fair share of leather shoes too. We have indeed invested much on quality shoes. I don't think it is a waste to invest a good money on something that is worthwhile. We are into extreme adventure too, and the right footwear matters a lot.

I found this Boot that I like for my airsoft game. It is from a top brand that means quality and comfort. It is also supported with other product line from other top brands and companies that everyone knows. Forsure, my partner and his friends would love the designs of these good boots for their military uniforms.

I checked their site, and I found a good pair of jogging and climbing footwear. I hurt my feet the last time I used my old running shoes on a mountain climb of more than 13 hours. And from that, I have been scouting for a good pair of comfortable climbing shoes. I can ask my in-laws from States to order this good pair and ship it here in the Philippines. The site accepts online orders with free shipping. So, this can be an acceptable offer to my family.Hurray!!!! We are scheduled to climb to the tallest mountain here in Sarangani Province. I can't wait to have this new set of climb shoes!