Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Exciting Unique Digital Frames for Everyone

Who does not take pictures in occasions like birthdays, weddings, births and even deaths? We seem to bring our cameras everywhere we go.

My family and friends, here and abroad have large bulks of pictures from their old cameras of films and digital cameras. I can see stack of albums in every room for special occasions or otherwise just to capture that happy moments with family and friends. I can see even very old pictures whose papers have been dilapidated by time and use. Some good pictures are actually torn if not scraped or tampered. My family had to scan their old family pictures of 1940's and 1960's since they were worn out already. I could feel their sentiments as the pictures could not really be fully restored. I wish that digital cameras have come as early as those years.Then, it would be more fun!

But with technology's pace and advancement, we have digital cameras at very affordable prices. But the thing is, we just keep the pictures in their storage disks or print them. We have to skim over the pictures through our cameras and shift between storage media just to see the older pictures. I then asked my family if we could find a way to keep our digital pictures intact and for posterity.

I right away checked what are the latest media for digital pictures. There I saw Ceiva digital photo frames where I can upload pictures through emails or phones and cameras. I can then share all these wonderful pictures anywhere in the world with so much ease. More importantly, they have this PicturePlan where I can store all my limitless pictures and my family's and see them through a slide show. I can even customize these pictures and send them as post cards to to distant friends and relatives. Further, my friends can send through these great frames their pictures for free! These frames provide security that only my friends and family can send through the pictures. So, pranks and unwanted senders are actually blocked. All I have to do is set my security feature on and connect the digital frames through phone line or WIFI connection should I go out from the house and bring this special frame with me.

With this frame, I can wake up each day and reminisce all the special moments from yesteryears. How much is this unique frame? The company has a new special offer of $29.99 with one year subscription of PicturePlan and they offer free ground shipping. Now this is worth every penny. I shall indeed recommend this to my friends and family.