Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun at Grossology Exhibit

I am a teacher for over a decade and one of my problems is to get the attention of my students without the usual disruptions. I normally connect our subjects to real-life situations so they can clearly comprehend and visualize the lessons. I ask them of their good or bad experiences, so the entire class may learn from actual experiences. Some students really show their interest to learn while others are as passive.

This is also the problem I get from my kid and nephew while I guide them through their preschool classes. Their attention span is actually so short that I keep on looking for ways to help them more and to make them appreciate learning at their young age.

Two of my strategies are stories and books filled with funny and interesting pictures. Truly, my kid and nephew remember well the stories and scenarios with them. Thus, I constantly search for materials and ways how I can help them learn more and be ready when they shall enter into formal education.

I never appreciated school before, particularly science, because I got bored. But, when my old school brought us to another school's open house and museum filled with preserved animals and babies, I began to appreciate the subject better and dreamed of wanting to become a doctor and a teacher!!!

Good thing that there is a Grossology Exhibit - Orlando Science Center that can help youngsters and adults to learn more about science, the impolite and funny way. This is a hands-on and a colorful exhibit for everyone about health and biology.

Normally, students find science and health topics boring, but through the exhibit on January 31, 2009, the kids can see, learn, and have fun with animatronics and inventive exhibits that disguise learning through gross stories about colds, body odor, body anatomy and more!

I can already anticipate the unique learning the kids will get from this exhibit. This is in partnership with Science World, Advanced Exhibits and the well-known Grossology author, Silvia Branzei who hosted the successful Animal Grossology in 2006.


The exhibit at Orlando Science Center is guaranteed to bring fun because we can try and test our Grossology knowledge through various trivia activities and games. We can have great time too by climbing the human skin rock wall, moving down through the 30-foot slide, or meeting Nigel Nose-It-All character who teach about allergies, colds and stuffs! Who can say now that science is boring?

Orlando Science Center holds too a lot of learning exhibits, from nature works, dinosaur finds, and laboratory technologies to space experience. This place holds it all. This is indeed a seat of learning where every visit is sure to be fun-filled! I will surely ask my family in Wisconsin to watch this exhibit and I am sure, the kids will remember this great place!