Friday, January 23, 2009

I Teach Blog!

As an educator, I have to find means to help my students learn, through typical lecture or otherwise. When I started blogging, I was elated that I can meet friends, learn more and earn extra.

So, I taught blogging to my students that they may appreciation what a blog can do. With the lectures we have in the classroom, I get to ask them to use the internet resources to complement the lectures and use their blog to present their works.Hahhahahahha! Some students would just stick to answering their assigned activities while others are that creative to make their blogs presentable. I get to know them more especially, those who spill out their heads and emotions on some issues I normally present or voluntarily they would provide. Hmnnnnn, this is one interesting side of teaching that I will always love!

I wish that I can teach them how to write XML and HTML code so they can improve their blogs. Now, that is one vision, I wish to eventually solve. Perhaps, when I have the time. . . .