Saturday, January 31, 2009

Soccsksargen Bloggers Hang Out in Genee's

Last Thursday morning, our community's Guru, Bariles, texted us to join him in a rendezvous in GenSan's new resto right in the very corner of where usual city gatherings are held. We right away, confirmed our attendance.

Busy picture taking and surfing!

I still had my classes until 7 pm, so my sister, Tammy and partner, waited for me to finish my work, and we headed straight to this new place. The resto was so welcoming with its very wide reception area. We spotted the group and the stories were endless. We missed their previous gathering in Grab a Crab, but, we enjoyed the night with the sumptous meals of Genee's.

The Soccsksargen Blogger Cast at Genee's

We wondered where they got the name from "Generals," referring to the people of Gensan. But, since the word connotes a masculine tone, they named the place Genee to sound sweet and relaxing. They hold beautiful pictures of the Generals, and I felt like I was in a museaum! The place has WIFI services, so we had the chance to dine and surf the net.COOL!!!

We got to meet other bloggers who unfortunately missed the MBS2. Our beloved Bariles laid the possible gatherings for the community and we were all that enthusiastic to hung out again in different occasions! We sure had great fun at Genee's and will surely come back and ask our friends and family to check this new place! This resto makes us even more proud of our city! CONGRATULATIONS to the staff and management of GENEE!