Friday, January 9, 2009

Missing my Old Self

When I first arrived General Santos City, I would jog with my sister early morning around Oval Plaza, read only good best seller books, watch my fave movies and just spend time with my son. But, with all the restless calls from work, school, and business, I was cut to just sitting with my desk and paper works.Sob! Sob! Sob!

I am most of the time breathless, in short, drained and burn out! I am usually enthusiastic with any task to me. Some say, I am workaholic, while I call it passion. Hahahahhahah!

So today, after weeks and months of no exercise, after my tummy has gone wider and bigger of holidays and immobility, we decided to jog again (after several procastination).Hurray!

I just hope, I can sustain this again. We dont masteral class today, so I am maximizing every minute for a more worthwhile activity. Jeez! Hahahahahah!

In the coming months, I will sure be all drawn to completing requirements and projects. Goodness! Where can I buy energy anyway?Hahahahhahah.