Thursday, June 26, 2008

BLog Income For a Cause

My laptop's charger doesnt still function and computer repair stores could not fix it as the unit is antique already.waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! So, I hustle between teaching, studying and blogging outside our home.

I bought the charger through ebay using 3P's income and now, I am just glad that my blogging hobby is serving its purpose. Kung dili gani, mangita na lang ako chat mate. . . . . ;)

I hope to get the charger soon so I can use my laptop at home and stay late at night, waiting for opps and watching korean cd's of teleserye's. HAHAHAHHAHA I could really be dramatic, and funny all at once. Kaloka nga!!!!

See you all my friends!!! Thanks for visiting me. Hope to hear from you all.