Monday, June 2, 2008

My Happy Birthday

I celebrated after seven years my birthday alone with my biological family and I must say that in spite of the absence of my friends (they were away for some valid reasons), I was quite happy and satisfied. Why? Even if my friends were not around, they greeted and wished me well, even those who I least expected.

****My birthday cake with Yuri and nephew, JP**

My son had chosen me a birthday cake, (which half of it, was all consumed by him =) ). And my siblings prepared their fave food as gift to me. I also had a big chocolate bar too to consume.

Being 31 years old seems all ok and fine. . . You would realize more that nothing really matters most than having your family and friends around (online and offline!). So, I thank the Lord for every person who had touched my life with their presence and for all the blessings big or small that I receive everyday!!!!