Sunday, June 8, 2008

Can Break Ups Really Break You Down?

I only had two serious romantic relationships and bad for me, that I ended up with broken heart and soul (murag si Kris Aquino) but I only mopped for few days, picked up myself and just walked on. . . I may have my wishes to turn back the time but then, I would never really grow as mature as I am now, if I had not gone through failures, may it be in a romantic level or not. Now, I could only pray for continued courage and wisdom to still love life and people around me, especially my son.

I would always love this song, "I Will Survive." It reminds me that breaking up cannot and will not make me break down. I wont allow that at all!!!!! I still believe that sunshine is always there after a heavy rain. . .So, to all who just losed their loved ones, go cry a lot, eventually accept the truth, then move on and when you see the person who broke your heart, (go kick his ass para lang sa mga bitter huh!), show your biggest smile and say, THANK YOU for breaking up with me, my life is more beautiful without you!!! Go Girls!!!!