Saturday, June 7, 2008

Teaching is Noble but Mind-Draining!

I have been teaching in college as an IT professor for 10 years. Most of the time, I feel enthusiastic imparting lessons and helping my students during laboratory works. Few of the time, I just want to yell. . . OMG!

Now, that I am newly hired in one of the schools here in Gen Santos City and assigned with subjects I taught years ago, I could only feel my head pounding!!!! It is like learning how to ride a bike again when your last ride was ages ago.

So, classes will start on Tuesday with 10 subjects to handle from Monday to Friday, I could only pray . . . . . OMG (again)! My masteral schooling is set every Saturday. Oh my, will I still have time for myself and blogging? hehehheheh I will sure miss blogging day and night!

Hope my friend-bloggers will miss me and visit me often. . . hey folks, you must miss me!!!