Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting Tension Head Aches

As I had been bustling for 2 weeks in a 16-hour load, my head was all throbbing. I thought I had hypertension already and may collapse soon. My friends/co-employees told me to slow down as the ache was brought up by heavy stress, emotional, mental stress not to include physical aches. I had to check my eyes with an opthalmologist and was diagnosed with over-fatigued vision. . . =(

So, I decided to give up one load (from the 44-hour teaching load) just to have that precious hour for rest (and blogging......) everyday.

But as I slowed down today, still the head pressure was on. Tomorrow, I shall head to my opthalmologist for a pair of eye glasses. Teaching can really wear you down, though it pays off also to nurture somone else's mind.

Well, the price of service.. . .