Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kung Fu Panda: A Lesson for Every Young One and Young Once

Just recently, my son Yuri had FORCED us to watch this movie (kung fu is our main course!) and the theater house was all packed. But, as we struggled on our tight seat, we began to enjoy the movie.

It depicts the character of self-esteem and faith. So, I began to reflect that we could not really be haunted by our limitations, instead, we find means to overcome them and even achieve more. Also, it shows that even others belittle you and your competence, you cannot really allow them to put you down may it be in terms of IQ, beauty, skills, physical ability, experience or other stuffs. So, I emphasized this to Yuri (and more to myself).

Are you a parent too? How do you impart values from the movies you and your child are watching? I highly believe that character must be equally important with IQ. Do you also think so?

So, do watch this movie with your kids. You will sure love their kung fu kicks, comedy and story.