Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Filipinos as Refugees

In the recent national news, our beloved president GMA was criticized for giving out money to the poor Filipinos.

Is this really a solution to the economic crisis we have now? We are in deep turmoil amidst energy crisis, rice shortage and unemployment. Can we really have hope in the coming days? I dont think so. WHy? Because the greater majority are the poor and they dont actually see and experience real and sustaining solutions from the government. Instead, they are given only food stubs and money to sustain initial hunger.

Because in spite of the crisis the great majority is experiencing, our politicians are instead busy bickering one another with their personal interest to hide and protect.

Can we really offer life-sustaining solutions? Perhaps, we change the values we have like utang na loob, pakikisama, too-tight family strings, bahala na, pwede na yan, and other overly-abused traits, then we can gradually place leaders of higher moral standards and really uphold public service and accountability. Only then, the rest of the system will change.

What do you think?