Monday, June 2, 2008

Creative Handcrafted Bracelets for Sales

I started my handcrafting of fashionable accessories with my sister, Tammy just weeks ago. And from unique and beautiful earrings, we started the bracelets. Some pics are here. I like best the pearls with highlighted stones and the fourth pic, in bronze chain, with all colorful stones to boost.

As an added collection to the earrings, click here to see more pics, we had designed and created new bracelets and anklets made from beach stones and shells. They were quite difficult to do as we hooked them delicately, piece by piece. But, as we finished them, we took pride in showing off a beauty.

My friend, Twerlyn, had made her earrings and bracelet (I sent her this 4th pic for her lovely daughter) purchases from the unique collections we had and just paid through my PayPal account. I cant wait to hear her testimony...

So, if you want to have lovelingly and delicately crafted earrings, bracelets/anklets and necklaces, do check me here. Just leave me a note so I can see and check what you like best. . .